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Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce launches new approach

As the nation and this region continue to face one of the most economically challenging periods in history, the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce launched a new, organized approach today to lead Northeast Florida to greater economic prosperity.

The organization is implementing dynamic programs, a stronger and unified image and the redesign of its building downtown. The unified image includes a consistent message and appearance throughout the Chamber as well as the new name, JAX Chamber, and corresponding logos.

“The Chamber led the rebuilding of Jacksonville 110 years ago after the Great Fire, and we recognized it was time to unite, organize and take action once again,” said Wally Lee, president of JAX Chamber. “We are implementing specific programs to drive local business growth and attract major companies to our region.”

The Chamber is starting the “Business Growth Series” that will include workshops on managing cash flow, financing growth, tax planning, networking and marketing.

“The workshops will help members to more effectively manage their businesses, ultimately to improve their bottom line,” said Sandy Bartow, vice president for entrepreneurial growth at the JAX Chamber.

Additionally, the Chamber’s GrowJAX program is working closely with community resources such as the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) to assist business owners with identifying lending opportunities and other needs to drive growth. “Access to capital is one of the most critical issues facing business owners,” Bartow said.

Downtown revitalization is one important step to recharge our region’s economy. The skyline is represented in the new JAX Chamber logo, and plans to redesign the building, located in the urban core, are underway.

The Chamber selected Content Design Group and Halback Design Group to design Downtown’s “new front door.” The project includes renovating the building’s interior and exterior spaces and its adjacent parking lot, creating a progressive, sustainable and user-friendly experience that serves as a connector between downtown’s businesses and landmarks.

The new Buy Chamber program helps member business owners more easily market to other members. In the upcoming weeks, a new online marketplace on the Chamber’s website will allow members to promote sales for their respective business to other members. The online market encourages repeat business and the direct promotion of products and services among members. Upcoming Buy Chamber “match-making” events will allow buyers and sellers to connect face-to-face.

“We are excited to deploy new programs designed to meet the needs of our members during these challenging economic times,” Lee said. “As part of the roll-out process, our members will receive further details about the programs and other efforts to help our region recover from a turbulent economy.”

The new logo was designed by St. John & Partners. While the skyline in the logo is reflective of downtown Jacksonville, the Jacksonville International Airport’s identifier, JAX, is reflective of the city and region and the arrow points to the region’s northeastern location.

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