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Equifax offers small business financial solutions

Small business lending executives are now empowered with the market intelligence necessary to shape their future growth and risk strategies with the announcement of Lending Trends Benchmarking— the first offering from Equifax’s new Small Business Market Navigator suite of small business financial solutions.

Designed and developed in collaboration with the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE), a non-profit association comprised of approximately 400 lenders and the country’s leading source of small business financial credit information, Lending Trends Benchmarking combines the rich historical data from SBFE, with Equifax’s commercial analysis, which is not available anywhere else in the market.

With the most in-depth information available on today’s small business lending market from SBFE, Equifax’s Lending Trends Benchmarking provides small business lenders with key information they need to refine risk strategies and pinpoint market opportunities.

“Lending Trends Benchmarking addresses an unmet need in today’s market place by giving financial institution executives sophisticated analysis essential for effective strategic planning, risk management, and, most important — growth,” said Alex Gonzalez, president of Equifax’s North American Commercial Solutions. “As a result of the collaborative effort between Equifax and the SBFE, we are able to offer our clients a market intelligence solution superior to any other offering in the small business lending today.”

Lending Trends Benchmarking gives a holistic view of the market by providing unparalleled insights into the overall health of the small business lending industry, market opportunities and risk trends. This enables small business executives to better balance their growth, risk and profitability objectives by allowing them to:

• Access portfolio-level and industry-level data not available to the general market

• Gain insights into shifting trends in the small business lending market

• Customize analysis by geography, peer group, size and type of the business and other dimension filters specific to their business designed to ensure meaningful and relevant results

• Identify portfolio trends that are out-of-sync with the industry

• Better understand market growth rates and behavior of key small business segments

Equifax’s (NYSE: EFX) unique Data Quality process is conducted on the Small Business Market Navigator data warehouse, giving this solution a high degree of quality in trending key metrics such as growth rate, bankruptcy, delinquency, charge-off, credit utilization and more.

“As a member-governed, non-profit organization, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards for data quality, governance and security surrounding our members’ individual portfolio data,” said SBFE CEO Carolyn Hardin-Levine. “This, in addition to the depth and breadth of the SBFE data on which Equifax’s Lending Trends Benchmarking is built, makes it the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable solution for our membership.”

Lending Trends Benchmarking is available only to SBFE members. Small business lenders who originate or own small business financial obligations, or service their receivables may be eligible for membership. Companies interested in learning more about SBFE or becoming a member, can contact SBFE at

For more information on Lending Trends Benchmarking and other Equifax Commercial Information Solutions, visit or call 1-888-263-6491.

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