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Small Bizeo provides tools to small business buyers

Potential investors now have a powerful new ally as they analyze their prospects: Small Bizeo (

Founded by Kal and Krishna Gullapalli, Small Bizeo is designed to provide small business investors the types of tools and analytical resources enjoyed on Wall Street. Delivering big business tools to small business investors is a natural progression for the Gullapallis, who both grew up around and worked in small business operations that have included dry-cleaning stores and pizza shops.

Kal went on to serve as a Wall Street research analyst for nearly a decade, covering the restaurant sector before returning to his small-business roots. “People who buy franchises or small businesses put their life savings into the enterprise. We want to give them the tools to make the right decisions.”

The Gullapalllis explain that many franchise buyers make their purchases based on emotion and don’t conduct the thorough research such a large investment warrants and Small Bizeo aims to change that by offering premium members extensive research on franchise opportunities – information they can’t find anywhere else – including factors such as failure rates, average unit economics, franchise growth rates, national growth potential, management experience and the level of franchisee training commitment.

In addition to small business reports and analytical tools users can’t find elsewhere, Small Bizeo delivers a comparison platform that allows potential investors to make direct comparisons between franchises based on objective factors. Site users also have access to a listing of more than eight thousand businesses for sale.

Kal and Krishna also have a small business blog, where visitors can continue to find commentary on small business issues. For more information, visit

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