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Pine Castle packages for AquatekO

A flurry of activity began this month at Pine Castle Inc., as participants began packaging innovativefishing products previously packed in China and Taiwan.

Keith Kessler, president of AquatekO and beaches resident, said rising labor and transportation costs cancelled the savings his company used to gain from off-shoring, and being able to provide work for people with disabilities makes the move feasible and gratifying. Kessler began contracting with Pine Castle six months ago to package one product line and recently added another. The innovative fishing products are used by professional and recreational fishing enthusiasts.

“Pine Castle consistently provides excellent quality work at reasonable prices, and as the volume has grown, over 400%, Pine Castle continues to deliver on time”, Kessler said.

Pine Castle Inc. provides vocational training opportunities to Duval County citizens with intellectual disabilities. According to Suzanne Bonfanti, Pine Castle’s Business and Sales Manager, the contract will provide consistent work skills training and a chance to earn for approximately 25 individuals at the agency’s south side campus. Pine Castle is a non-profit organization also recognized as a quality provider of production services to business and industry.

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