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121 Financial offers back-to-school loans

To help customers handle the expenses of getting their children ready for school this year, 121 Financial Credit Union is offering a short-term 8% APR fixed rate Back-to-School loan for those who qualify.

The loans are for $500 to $2,500, higher amounts are available but at higher unsecured loan rate. It has a 12-month term, designed so that the payments would not be too large and so it can be paid off prior to the next school year. There are no restrictions as to what the money can be used for.

“With this economy, it is tough for families to handle expenses like school,” said 121 Financial Credit Union CEO William Braddock. “That’s why we wanted to design a loan that would help members get what they need for school, but not put an undue burden on them by having to pay it back quickly, or by having it drag on past the next school year.”

The Back-to-School loan is available to customers until September 15, 2011.

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