After Hours: Mark Taylor—Fun on the water

Boating is something Mark Taylor, CPA, owner of Mark Taylor & Associates, PA which specializes in individual and small-to-medium business tax and financial needs, has known for most of his life.

Having had a boat growing up, he has always loved being on the water. “I just love the hum of the motor, which is probably a guy thing,” admits Taylor. “But when you are at cruising speed and can hear the motor humming and you are outside and it’s nice and quiet in the sunshine (because it’s not hot on the water when you are moving)—it’s just wonderful.”

Joining in

One thing Taylor didn’t absolutely love about boating was personal ownership, which is why about a year ago he joined the Freedom Boat Club (

Mark & Jessica

“I’m generally a nervous person when it comes to new ventures, so when Lisa sold it to us, I wondered if we would really be able to get a boat, if it would be the boat we wanted, and is it as good as they say it is,” says Taylor. “Honestly, I’ve got to say it’s as good as they say it is—it’s been fantastic!”

“When you look at the price and look at what it offers, it’s a fantastic opportunity. You can’t even store a boat for the price you pay per month there. How can you beat it?” adds Taylor. “The boat that comes to you is clean, fully fueled, and ready to go—all you have to do is get in and go. When you’re done, you fuel it up, drop it off, and they take care of it. I call it Cadillac boating.”

Family fun time

Ashley & Troy

One way the boat club has been good for Taylor is being able to spend quality time with his family. “My wife Teresa and I have a 16-year-old son (Troy) and two 14-year-old daughters (Ashley and Jessica), and if you know anything about kids at that age, that’s when they start to not want to be around the parents,” jokes Taylor.

But boating is something they have all come to love together and Taylor sees it as an opportunity to be, and stay, involved in each other’s lives. “You get a lot of time to talk and have fun with the family playing and swimming in the water and joking around,” says Taylor. “I got to tube and even ski the other day with my kids because we finally bought another rope and got another set of skis—and now we are out there double skiing! Boating just gives us a lot more opportunity with our kids than we otherwise would have.”

Quality time

Taylor says boating has also been beneficial for quality time with his wife. During the summer, he will oftentimes take Fridays off and will treat his wife to a boat ride and lunch.

“When I take those days and the kids don’t want to go, her and I will just take the boat across and go to

Mark & Teresa

lunch at Whitey’s Fish Camp, or take it to the Landing or Outback Crab Shack,” says Taylor. “We’ve even taken advantage of the St. Augustine boat club location and tootled around, went downtown and ate at Cap’s, which is right on the river and absolutely gorgeous.”

The ease of it all

Taylor knows for a fact he and his family use this boat more because it’s so easy. “I know it may not be as easy for others, but I can be at the marina within five minutes and on the water in 20 minutes. I don’t have to trailer anything or pay launch fees; I don’t have to do anything—nothing,” says Taylor. “And financially speaking, if you use it, it’s a fantastic deal; if you don’t use it, it’s a fantastic deal in comparison to buying your own boat.”

Ever heard the expression, “Hoity toity?” Well, that is how Taylor feels. “I feel hoity toity when I do this because it’s one of those things where you aren’t paying a lot of money, but you’re sure getting the service like you are.”

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