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Katherine Ashley, CPA, PA, expands practice to include divorce financial counseling

Jacksonville, Florida-based CPA, Katherine B. Ashley has completed her specialized training as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and will now be offering those services to clients. A CDFA brings equity and security to the difficult circumstances that accompany divorce.

To become a CDFA, Ms. Ashley successfully completed four exams based on the course offered by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA); the most established and recognized designation in financial planning for divorce. Candidates for certification must be in good standing with his or her firm and any governmental regulatory agencies, and complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education every two years.

Ms. Ashley states, “Divorce is an emotional and stressful event. I’m here to guide clients through the process and help them make sound financial decisions. Florida’s divorce rate is higher than the national average, and my goal is to educate my clients about financial matters in terms that they can easily understand.”

Having been a CPA for more than 25 years, Ms. Ashley’s experience in this field enhances her experience as a CDFA. She is uniquely qualified to recognize the tax implications and consequences that go hand in hand with divorce proceedings.

Individuals who choose to retain the services of a CDFA can be assured that they are taking all possible steps to ensure a fair and equitable financial outcome as a result of a divorce situation.

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