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Brightway Insurance launches Brightway Gives Back

Brightway Insurance introduces Brightway Gives Back, an innovative program that allows nonprofit organizations, sports teams and community groups to raise money without buying goods, selling magazines, greeting cards or holding car washes.

“It seems like no matter where you turn lately, some type of organization is experiencing a budget crisis,” said Brightway Chief Executive Officer David Miller. “Instead of funneling dollars into our advertising programs, we decided to re-invest these dollars back into the communities we serve.”

The program is easy and provides a valuable service every household needs—a competitive insurance policy review. Here is how it works: Organizations in need of fundraising may contact their local Brightway office to enroll in the Brightway Gives Back program.

For every member or friend of the organization who receives an insurance quote, Brightway Insurance’s local office will donate $10 to that organization. For example, raising $1,000 would be as simple as referring 100 friends or members from the designated organization. There’s no participation fee for the Brightway Gives Back program and no purchase is necessary to receive the $10 donation.

“Brightway Gives Back allows our agent teams to use the same innovative spirit that saves our customers thousands of dollars in insurance costs and comes at a time when the community needs are so high and the solutions appear to be less certain than ever,” said Brightway Chief Operating Officer Michael Miller, who devised Brightway Gives Back.

In addition to receiving a competitive insurance quote as part of Brightway Gives Back, participants will receive a free hurricane guide and a home inventory kit to document their your household property and valuables.

For more information, call 888-254-5014 or visit

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