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Cornerstone to become Jaxusa Partnership

Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership announced today that it will roll out its new name, JAXUSA Partnership, during the next few months. Introduced during the 2nd Quarter Cornerstone Luncheon today, the new name, JAXUSA Partnership, makes a direct connection to the Northeast Florida region and showcases its geographical location in the United States, which is important not only for domestic prospects but also for international prospects.

“It’s all about jobs,” said Jerry Mallot, president of JAXUSA Partnership. “Our new name combined with the commitment of our new administration and our regional partners will help potential prospects see Northeast Florida as the best place to expand their businesses.”

Currently, one third of our region’s economic development prospects come from outside of the United States and involve a foreign corporation. Opportunities in the international marketplace are growing. Just six years ago, only 10 percent of Northeast Florida’s new business leads represented the international market.

JAX, the airport code for Jacksonville International Airport, is an identifier for both the city and the region. The airport is often the first site national and international visitors experience when visiting the region. With the increasing importance of online technology and search engine optimization, research shows incorporating USA into the new name should be beneficial for JAXUSA Partnership and international businesses alike, making it easier for prospects to connect early in the process. And while Jacksonville may be a focal point, incorporating partnership with the descriptor, “For Regional Economic Development,” communicates the economic strength found throughout Northeast Florida’s seven-county region.

“Our new identity is an invitation to learn more about our region,” Mallot said. “It will help us interact and build relationships with companies and industry leaders who may consider expanding or relocating to our area.”

More information about JAXUSA Partnership is available at

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