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Chamber and City partner to create economic development program

The Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce will partner with the City of Jacksonville to create a world-class economic development program. “To help our community recover from one of the most difficult economic periods of our history, we are lending Jerry Mallot, executive vice president of the Chamber and president of Cornerstone, to the City on a limited, part-time basis,” said Hugh Greene, CEO and president of Baptist Health System and Chamber chair.

Mallot will reach out to business organizations and community leaders to develop a comprehensive plan that will accelerate economic growth. He will evaluate existing processes and craft recommendations to help attract, retain and grow businesses in Northeast Florida.

“Creating jobs is the first issue to tackle,” said Greene. “I applaud Mayor Brown for taking immediate action to address the most critical issue facing our City.”

During his campaign, Mayor Brown committed to creating jobs and establishing public private partnerships. The Chamber and City will work together to maximize the number and quality of jobs created in the community.

“We look forward to further enhancing our partnership with the City and driving quality economic growth in Northeast Florida,” said Wally Lee, president of the Chamber. “Quality economic growth means more high-wage jobs and sustained growth of our small business sector.”

Mallot will develop a seamless economic development process that will set Jacksonville apart from other cities. He will develop a new paradigm.

“Our local unemployment rate is slowly dropping, and we are starting to see movement in targeted industries,” said Jerry Mallot, executive vice president of the Chamber and president of Cornerstone. “We will create a new program that will prepare our City to seize opportunities as they arise.”

“This is about what it is best for the residents of Jacksonville,” said Mayor Brown. “We must work together to make Jacksonville the place to be.”

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