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WBO announces 2011-2012 board members

The Women Business Owners of North Florida (WBO) is proud to announce the new board members for the 2011-2012 year. This board truly epitomizes the mission of the WBO of North Florida and its core objectives. The following women have been selected as officers of the 2011-2012 year:

President: Pixie Larizza, Pixieglas Elegant, Functional Art

Vice President: Teresa Meares, DGG Taser & Tactical Supply

Secretary: Hope Dempsey, D’Vine Cuisine

Treasurer: Lella Skinner Ganderup, Barnegat Consulting, Inc.

Past President/Nominations & TIAW: Kathryn Murphy, Comfort Keepers

WBO also recognizes and includes its additional leaders in the Board of Directors: Vicky J. Bowers for Government Relations, Phyllis Heisler for Long Range Planning, Sonja Dyess for Public Relations, Jackie Perry for Strategic Planning, Amy Sterling for WIB Awards, Lynette Parsons for Hospitality, Camille Clement-Gregg and Dr. Erica Hamer for Membership, Patsy Underwood, Barbara Freeland and Ellen Bushnell for the Annual WBO Retreat 2011, Jessica Thomas for Area Meetings, Patsy Underwood for Historian, Cynthia Montello for Information Technology, and Anne Urban for Programs.

Women Business Owners of North Florida, established in 1981, encourages leadership, community and success to women in the business world. For more information, please visit

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