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Survey: Small biz struggles with tech issues

Technology issues rank high among the problems that plague small businesses, according to the latest Office Depot Small Business Index, with 75% of respondents citing that they have had a computer repaired at some point in time. A majority of these repairs were due to virus/malware issues (43%) or hardware issues (40%).

According to the survey, small businesses noted that productivity suffered as a result of technology issues. In fact, about half of respondents (48%) stated that it took almost two to three days to have their computers repaired with a majority (67%) citing that computer issues have hindered them from doing their job.

“These latest survey results indicate a need for a knowledgeable and reliable resource for small business technology needs,” said Randy Wick, vice president of merchandising for Office Depot.

The survey showed that for solving computer-related issues, only a handful (7%) of small businesses have a computer technician onsite and a majority (52%) rely on third party companies to fix their computer/IT problems.

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