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Bookkeeping assessment exam available

Accounting professionals and employers have a new tool available to them to assess the skills and knowledge of potential bookkeepers, controllers, or consultants for work in an accounting firm or small business. The test is available from The Sleeter Group.

“An unqualified bookkeeper or consultant can wreak havoc on a QuickBooks file in no time. [Small- and medium-business] owners and their external accountants need a reliable way to gauge the skill level of potential hires before their QuickBooks files are touched,” states Doug Sleeter, founder and president of The Sleeter Group. “These QuickBooks Assessments take the guesswork out of determining if a prospective new hire truly has the skills that a business needs, or if the prospective hire is just using basic bookkeeping jargon to exaggerate their resume.”

Each exam includes 60 questions. Exams are given online and can be administered directly by the employer or accountant from any location. The employer or accountant sees the score, the pass/fail status, and the time it took to complete the test.

Unlike a certification test, these QuickBooks Assessments from The Sleeter Group are controlled by the employer. The employer knows the conditions when giving the test and can compare scores between applicants.

The Assessments are available for a nominal fee of $29.95 per exam, with quantity discounts available. Assessments are purchased from the Sleeter Store.

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