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DoD wants survey response

The Department of Defense is asking employers invited to participate in its National Survey of Employers to submit their responses by the July 6, 2011 deadline. The survey was sent to 80,000 employers of every size and industry, across America. The DoD is using the survey to gain insight into how the service of Guard and Reserve members has affected America’s employers, who provide support to their military employees.

The July 6 deadline affords employers the opportunity to provide comprehensive replies. Officials are encouraging all survey recipients who have not yet submitted their responses to do so today to ensure the study captures reliable results.

“The Department of Defense wants to learn how we can help sustain the incredible support America’s employers have shown our Guard and Reserve members through nearly 10 years of ongoing military operations, and employer participation in this survey is critical,” said Dennis McCarthy, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. “With a little more than a month remaining to provide responses, it is vitally important for employers to make their voices heard.”

Because Guard and Reserve members comprise almost 50% of the military’s total strength, the support of employers is critically important. The nation has relied heavily on Guard and Reserve service members since September 11, 2001, frequently calling them away from their civilian jobs for military operations and humanitarian efforts around the world, including the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Japan tsunami and ongoing tornado recovery and relief efforts in Alabama and Missouri.

At the time of the survey’s release, Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, addressed America’s employers, remarking, “As we look to the future, I ask for your input to help us shape policies concerning the relationship between our service members and their civilian employers.  I encourage employers across the nation to take part in The Department of Defense National Survey of Employers. Your feedback will allow us to build on the success of the past and chart a mutually beneficial course for the future.”

The survey’s randomly selected participants received a letter in the mail with instructions for filling out the survey online. Participants should visit and click on the survey link to provide their feedback on employing members of the Guard and Reserve. Those electing to submit the hard copy version of the survey must postmark responses by June 30. Employers who believe they received the survey, but need assistance should visit to learn how they can still participate.

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