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Youth program seeks summer employers

FreshMinistries, a multi-faith based non-profit organization located in core-city Jacksonville, is seeking employers for summer job for youth ages 15-18 who are participating in FreshMinistries’ job readiness, life-skills, and health and wellness training program, “Siya-Out.”

Michelle Hughes, director of FreshMinistries’ local programming, said, “We—FreshMinistries and our supporters—believe our core-city youth belong on the job instead of on the streets over their summer break from school. Our summer youth employment program currently has 33 youth attending Saturday morning mentoring sessions during which they learn job readiness behaviors, employer expectations, financial literacy, and life skills training that addresses topics such as conflict resolution, avoiding risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, and accepting personal responsibility for their actions and choices.”

The youth-empowerment program costs approximately $2,000 per child per year. In addition to job listings, donations are welcome.

In addition to local businesses, the organization is working in partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, Merck Foundation, and Scheidel Foundation.

For further information, please call Michelle Hughes, 904-355-0000 or e-mail To make a donation, send checks to FreshMinistries, 1131 North Laura Street, ATTN: Karen Lee, Jacksonville, FL 32206. Credit card donations may be made via phone by calling Karen Lee, 904.355.0000, or via website:

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