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Local agency to offer driving monitoring device

Bissell & Associates Insurance (, a Jacksonville Independent Insurance Agency, has been certified by Progressive

David Bissell

Insurance to offer its new driving monitoring device to allow customers to gain up to an additional 30% savings on their auto insurance, according to David Bissell, president of Bissell & Associates.

The Progressive program, named Snapshot Discount, calls for a wireless monitor to be installed in the customer’s car for 30 days. The monitor transmits the number of miles driven, the time of driving and the number of hard brakes. It doesn’t monitor any other data. Depending on the results, Progressive may give as much as a 30% discount for the life of the policy. In addition, the monitoring will not result in increased rates.

“This is a brand new, very unique and very high-tech means for Progressive to offer discounted auto rates,” Bissell explained. “The device is small; it fits in your hand; and is easy to install in the vehicle. There are no costs associated with it, unless you don’t return the device after 30 days.”

“It represents an effective and unusual means to measure the insurability of a driver. We are excited to be selected to help introduce this program,” Bissell said.

Auto insurance customers are welcome to stop by Bissell & Associates at 3305 Hendricks Avenue to see the device and learn about how they can sign up for the discount program.

Bissell & Associates, an Independent Insurance Agency based in Jacksonville, Florida, represents national and regional insurance companies who write auto, homeowners and business insurance.

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