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Blueprint for Prosperity releases annual report

The City of Jacksonville’s Blueprint for Prosperity committee has released its 2010 Blueprint Annual Report. The document provides a snapshot of the city’s progress as measured against set benchmarks in nine key areas: education, infrastructure, leadership, economic development, quality of life, and racial opportunity and harmony.

This year’s report reflects the lingering impact of the 2008-2009 recession on Jacksonville and the northeast Florida region. In particular, this is indicated by the sharp decline of per capita income for area residents, which fell below the U.S. national average for the first time since 2004. Duval County also experienced a higher than normal rate of job loss. The number of lost jobs is estimated to be more than 60,000 in the metropolitan area over the last three years.

“We are managing city resources in one of the most difficult economic climates that our country has ever faced,” said Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton. “Although Jacksonville has faired better than a number of similar sized cities, we have our own set of unique challenges to overcome. I applaud the Blueprint Committee for their efforts to keep the city on track by remaining keenly focused on achieving the initiative’s overall goals.”

Although economic indicators are more negative than in last year’s report, there are a number of bright spots in the current findings. In the area of education, Jacksonville is seeing an increase in kindergarten students’ readiness to learn, while high school graduation rates continue to improve. The city is also experiencing a decline in infant mortality rates for both white and non-white infants. The infant mortality rate is a key indicator of a community’s health and overall quality of life.

“This is the fifth year for Blueprint, and, as a committee, we remain encouraged by progress towards the city’s overall goals, but realize there is still much that needs to be done. The information presented in this report is meant not only to measure Jacksonville’s progress, but to increase awareness in the community surrounding areas that must be addressed or continued if Jacksonville is to improve the quality of life for all residents,” says Lisa Vallien Moore, chair of Blueprint for Prosperity.

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About Blueprint for Prosperity

Blueprint for Prosperity is a 15-year commitment (2005-2020) to increase economic opportunity and raise the income of Duval County residents.  By analyzing key benchmarks annually and focusing on strategies in the six Community Foundations (education, infrastructure, leadership, economic development, quality of life, and racial opportunity and harmony), individuals and organizations work cooperatively to produce measurable changes that mean a better city for everyone.

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