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What is the biggest issue the new mayor should address?

We wanted to know what small business owners felt is the biggest issue the new mayor should address (i.e., budget, taxes, jobs, schools, labor relations, etc.) and it lead to a discussion among respondents. Read to see if you agree.

Jobs. The new mayor has to look at how the decline in business and the economy, the loss of jobs, and the shortfall in revenue can be overcome by bringing new business, new jobs, and new growth. The economic impact would give the people something to look forward to, and something to brag and cheer about. Right now, they see a downward spiral; new growth would help them see how we can overcome and be a city with a future that is optimistic instead of pessimistic.

—Lucille Ferry, CEO of The Foxglove Foundation Inc.


I have no interest in paying $10k per year for my 5 year old to go to kindergarten, but feel I have no choice with the public school system in the shape it is in. How do you intend on working with the school board to fix this problem?

Charles B. Jimerson, Managing Attorney at Jimerson & Wilson, P.A.


Transparency—before we can address anything we should know what we are really working with!

—Lyndah Malloy-Glover, RN, CCP, Editor/Writer, Blogger at ABYSSJazz Magazine


Education. Without improving the quality of our schools and getting parents involved, nothing else matters.

—Keith Johnson, Principal, Keith E. Johnson CPA PA

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