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Aetna provides e-tool to understand tax credits

Aetna Insurance is providing an e-toll for small business owners to help them understand possible tax credits.

Under the Affordable Care Act, small businesses can qualify for a tax credit that can help them to offer healthcare coverage for the first time or enable them to maintain the coverage they currently have. Although they must work with the IRS to determine if they are eligible for the tax credit, the online tool can help small business owners estimate the available tax credits within minutes. They simply need to provide a few details on their business:

•           The number of full time equivalent employees,

•           Total annual wages,

•           Total employer premiums, and

•           Whether or not their business is a tax-exempt organization.

“We want to make it easy for small businesses to find out if they are eligible for these tax credits,” said Dale Cook, head of Aetna Small Group. “By helping small business owners understand the cost of health benefits, we can help them choose the right health plan for their business and their employees.”

The tax credit calculator page includes general standards that small businesses must meet to qualify for the tax credits, as well as additional resources and documents from the IRS that small business owners can use to learn more about these tax credits. According to Cook, this page has been the most popular on the Aetna Avenue website ( for small businesses since its recent launch.

“Small businesses are looking for updated information on how health care reform legislation impacts their businesses,” Cook said. “We have heard from small business owners and brokers that the tax credit calculator meets that need for an important aspect of the legislation.”

In addition to the tax credit calculator, the Aetna Avenue website includes details on small business plan options and the ability to quickly get a quote; links to other Aetna tools such as DocFind, where members can find health care providers in Aetna’s network; and information on the Aetna Resource Connection, which gives participating small businesses access to discounts on a variety of services.

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