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What is one item of technology a small business can’t go without and why?

Some responses we received after asking, “What is one item of technology a small business can’t go without and why?” are listed below. Some may surprise you, others will not.

“As a freelance copywriter, I could not do my job without the Internet, my computer, and cell phone. I remember way back when I needed to do research, I had to go to the library. Now I just click my mouse and I can become an expert on any subject. Plus, my client base is no longer restricted to a geographic area. From a writer’s point of view, I think the computer is better mightier than the pen.”

Garry Haralambou, owner, The GH Group


“I couldn’t go without a smart phone that has access to the Internet and e-mail. As a business owner, you are not always in front of the computer using Outlook. It is nice to be able to communicate via e-mail while on the go, or at home while my wife isn’t looking!”

Jason Smith, president and CEO at GJS Consultants LLC


“I agree with Jason Smith. A smart phone is vital in today’s time. You get your calls, e-mails, and can connect via social. It’s really kind of unfair since smart phones today have so many different functions.”

Kenny Harper, owner at Key Theory


“MS Outlook ticklers. With a heavy volume of deadline-sensitive cases, our firm is very committed to reminders to ensure our clients rights are constantly being protected and their interests being advanced. And yes, the iPhone is pretty cool too. E-mail at all times of the day is a blessing and a curse.”

Charles B. Jimerson, managing attorney at Jimerson & Wilson, P.A.


“For me and my team, it’s my project management system. I assume Internet and communication devices are a given. As a small business owner, with an ever-growing number of clients, having a system I can access from anywhere and on the go via a mobile app is essential for me to keep my team on task for what needs to get done and when. I use basecamp, and although for pure PMP certified project managers it doesn’t offer enough management, it’s perfectly suited to easily allow my clients in so they can interact with the team, add tasks, and review progress, which saves me time daily. Without some sort of management tool to coordinate all that, I would be swamped looking for e-mails or files on my PC.”

David McGraw, president and director of technology at Oyova Software LLC

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