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Survey: Small biz confidence falls in Dec.

Three months of rising confidence among small business owners stalled in December, as fewer see economy getting better and more see it getting worse, according to the Discover Small Business Watch. The monthly index dropped to 81.6 in December, down 5.6 points from November. The index remains 4.6 points higher than one year ago.

Twenty-five percent of small business owners said the economy is getting better this month, down from 33% in November; 51% said it is getting worse, up from 46%; and 22% said the economy is staying the same, up from 17% the prior month.

“Through the four years we’ve been studying them, small business owners have remained a bit fickle when it comes to their confidence in the economy,” said Ryan Scully, director of Discover’s business card. “Like the rest of us, they’re seeing some positive signs, but they aren’t ready to declare victory, especially not with 62% of them still rating the economy as poor.”

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