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Survey: Top business resolutions for 2011 revealed

What do businesses resolve to do in 2011? Regus, a provider of flexible workplace solutions, surveyed the opinions of businesses worldwide to determine their top New Year’s resolutions for 2011. In the U.S., the top resolutions were to reduce operating overheads, add new staff, conserve working capital, and introduce more performance related pay.

Ranking at the top of business owners’ resolution list were the goals to reduce overhead while increasing staff. In fact, 39% of U.S. businesses indicated that they intended to increase staff in 2011, with only 8% saying they would cut staff.  

Unlike the much criticized guaranteed bonus culture in the financial sector, U.S. businesses are planning to make performance-related pay a key part of their 2011 plan, matching rewards with real results.  Set against an overall bullish business outlook, high-performing staff can look forward to enhanced earnings in the New Year further highlighting that businesses see no room for complacent workers as economic recovery continues to takes hold.

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