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Corporate Traffic adds domestic and international air shipping

  Corporate Traffic Inc., a Jacksonville-based third party logistics provider, is now a certified Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) with the Transportation Security Administration and has added domestic and international air shipping to its list of transportation capabilities.

As an IAC, Corporate Traffic can register its clients as “known shippers” with the Department of Homeland Security/TSA. The designation saves shippers time and money by allowing them to ship cargo on passenger airplanes.  Companies lacking known shipper status can only transport materials on cargo airplanes, a more limited transportation option.

“By becoming an IAC we’re making the fastest possible transportation option available to all our clients, and helping them save time and money on air shipments,” said Chris Cline, president of Corporate Traffic. “When we handle clients’ shipments door-to-door and coordinate everything they need for customs clearance, while providing time and cost savings, we’re helping them free up time and resources to concentrate on what they do best.”

Corporate Traffic is HAZMAT certified and, as an IAC, can also hire charter airplanes for sensitive shipments, which are dedicated to just one company’s cargo for the duration of the flight.  This exclusive service helps keep confidential information private, as the space is not shared.  Working with agents worldwide helps Corporate Traffic ensure its clients’ shipments reach their destinations safely and on time.  Same-day and next-day service are now available to Corporate Traffic’s clients.

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