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Survey: 20% of small biz adopt iPads

  A recent survey sponsored by Techaisle, a data-driven market research company, indicates that 20% of small businesses in the United States with 1 to 99 employees have adopted using iPads in their businesses. The use of iPads is more prevalent in the 20-99 employee size.

“Small businesses, while willing to adopt new forms of computing, are not likely to be so aggressive as to create a tidal wave of change. However, the signs are encouraging, and now it is up to the app makers and ISVs to take advantage of this new hardware in compelling ways,” says Abhijeet Rane, Techaisle.

The survey also shows that iPads are being used by small businesses as a device for demos, presentations, e-mail, and Internet surfing.  Higher employee size small businesses are starting to use iPads for data capture, either by salespersons or by “roaming” customer support personnel.

“It is interesting to note that the early adopters of iPads among small businesses are those who have either transitioned or are transitioning to cloud computing environments.  These small businesses also have a higher average number of PCs and smart phones being used in their organizations,” says Tavishi Agrawal, Techaisle.

Techaisle believes that all four mobile form factors, namely, notebooks, netbooks, Tablet PCs and smart phones will coexist in an environment where data and information is being increasingly stored and accessed via the cloud.

“Contrary to popular belief, survey does not find that iPads are being purchased as replacements for other factors,” says Paolo Puppoli, Techaisle.

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