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Local female HVAC business owner featured in online article

Saundra Jones, president of Alpine Air Inc., has been featured in an online article in her industry’s weekly news magazine. The News,, the weekly information source for HVACR contractors, recently ran an article entitled, “HVAC Women Provide Successful Blueprint.” In it Jones, owner on her eight-year-old company, was cited as a successful female HVAC business owner.

In the article she said, “Being a woman-owned and -operated business in a construction trade is tough enough, but being in the HVACR trade put me in a very, very small group,” she said. “Last I checked, the Department of Labor stated that 1.5% of construction companies were woman-owned and 0.5 % of HVACR companies were woman-owned, but they don’t say how many are actually operated by women and not just owned on paper.” 

The focus of the article was to encourage women to become of the HVAC trade.

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