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New York company acquires local education-tools firm

Myron PincombEducational Tools, Inc., a Jacksonville small business, has been acquired by Triumph Learning, a market leader in state-specific, stands-focused education material that supports student instruction. Educational Tools is the developer of the industry-leading iCORE digital curriculum product for state-aligned and common core standards instruction.

Haights Cross Communications , (HCC), the parent company of Triumph Learning, said that Myron Pincomb, CEO of Educational Tools, will become president and CEO of Triumph Learning and lead the combined organization. Pincomb will report directly to Ron Schlosser, HCC’s Chairman and CEO.

“Triumph Learning’s acquisition of Educational Tools brings together the leader in state-specific test preparation materials with the leading digital curriculum product,” noted Schlosser.  “We will support teachers’ need to provide students with the highest quality content with tight standards alignment across multiple media.  The iCORE product allows teachers to provide differentiated instruction that is aligned to both state-standards as well as new common core standards—in a fully digital format.  This acquisition will enhance Triumph Learning’s ability to immediately support teachers’ needs for common core aligned materials.  Together, our companies will have an unsurpassed body of  quality instructional content that is available in print format, online, over a digital whiteboard, mobile device, or wherever the teacher chooses to engage the student. ” 

“iCORE offers much more than test preparation and assessments,” added Pincomb. “For every state standard, iCORE currently delivers a full curriculum product that includes items found today in textbooks, workbooks, lab books, lesson plans, video libraries, audio libraries, online assessments and content-aligned gaming tools in a digital format.”

 “The intuitive design of iCORE allows teachers to easily deliver differentiated instruction and engage students on their individual learning level and specific learning style ,” Pincomb continued.  “The iCORE platform is enormously cost effective at a time when most school districts are under severe financial pressure. For a fraction of the cost of traditional instructional materials, iCORE provides high quality interactive digital curriculum, flexible instructional delivery, and real -time data that allows the tracking of student achievement at the school, district, and state level .” 

Educational Tools, Inc. was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1999. Triumph Learning, based in New York City and founded in 1975, is the market leader in publishing standards-aligned, skills-based instruction workbooks for K-12 students.

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