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Jacksonville native founds River Giver


Denise C. Thomas, Jacksonville native, life-long resident, and financial advisor, has founded River Giver, an organization dedicated to protecting America’s rivers. Per the company’s mission, “River Giver is passionately committed to maintaining the health, cleanliness and enjoyment of rivers and ground and drinking water throughout the United States. We feel that the ecological integrity and exquisite beauty of America’s rivers must be protected through education, conservation and preservation.”

Through its website,, River Giver provides tools, education, resources and products to support rivers, including an events calendar, blog, and action pages like “What You Can Do.” All supporters of river protection in any way are River Givers.

River Giver raises funds to meet its mission two ways.  Many supporters like to display their social awareness and passionate support of the cause, so merchandise is available for that purpose. Every purchase of River Giver merchandise results in a donation to the protection of American rivers. Website visitors choose which river non-profit they want to receive their merchandise-related donation.  

A second fundraising tool is also available.  The website is also a clearing house for donations to river non-profits around the United States.  Tax-deductible contributions can be made directly to the non-profits; there is no service fee.

River Giver is especially interested in Florida’s St. John’s River and the organizations helping to protect it.  Denise Thomas recently donated 500 River Giver decals to the new Marine Science Research Institute at Jacksonville University for their grand opening. The MSRI’s Executive Director, Quinton White, recognized the support of all attendees at that event as River Givers and everyone received a River Giver decal.   As a result of Denise’s decal purchase and donation (every purchase of merchandise results in a donation to the support of America’s rivers), River Giver donated funds to the MSRI at JU, because of the vital work it does in river research, education and protection.  

“I grew up loving the St. Johns, and my children were raised on the river, enjoying its natural habitats, flora and fauna.  I want to safeguard America’s rivers for generations to come,” Thomas said.

For more information on River Giver, call 904-240-0334 or visit

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