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An energetic start to the new year

Years ago, when I still used a Daytimer, I would feel a bit sad when I removed December from its leather jacket and stowed it away. Taking the last month of the year out of my planner was a bit like saying good-bye to an old friend with whom I had shared fond memories.
As sad as it was to put December away, filling the planner with January was like making a new beginning: Its pages were a clean slate on which I could plan a good future.

My Daytimer has given way to my PDA. But I do keep a paper calendar on my desk, and I have to admit that when I tore off December and tossed it in the trash, I thought, “Good riddance!” 2009 was less than a stellar year for those of us in the small business community. I think I speak for many small business owners in saying that I am very happy to start the new year.

Economists are telling us things are getting better. I hope so. No—I know so. I talk with a lot of small business people, and one thing comes across: optimism for the future. No matter how bad 2009 was, the small business people I know are determined to find a way to succeed—somehow, some way. They are a resilient bunch.

Where do they find the energy to keep going? I can’t speak for everyone, but one way I keep myself energized is to allow myself to dream about what could and will be. Dreaming about success helps me keep my eye on the prize and remember why I spend countless hours in the office, go on so many sales calls, and do the other things that are required to reach my goals. I give myself permission to lose myself in the thought of great achievement.

Daydreaming isn’t something I can turn on just by looking out the car window. The time I prefer to daydream is when I exercise. There is something about getting the blood to flow that makes me come alive and kicks my mind into overdrive. Perhaps it is just the endorphins coursing throughout my body, but as I exercise and dream about better days ahead, I get motivated to act on the dreams—to turn my dreams into actionable goals. And I also realize that every day provides me with one more opportunity to make those dreams come true.

Go ahead and try it: Mentally check out once in a while. Find the “thing” (try exercising!) that will allow you to get lost in your own thoughts and keep your troubles in perspective.  When you punch back into reality, you will be energized and ready to meet your next challenge head on.
As you put your new calendar on your desk, think positive: 2010 is going to be a great year, because we are going to make it one. Keep that thought in mind.

Now, it’s time for me to take a jog.

Until next time,

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