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SBA to launch new and improved web site

The Small Business Administration ( will be launching a new and improved web site in earlysbalogosmall 2011. Its goal is “to build a personalized and dynamic web presence that proactively delivers essential information and services to our customers.”

The principle aim of the site will be to provide small business owners, lenders, and anyone else who visits to find information quickly.

Some promised features of the web site include:

• Personalized and dynamic. Users of the new site will be able to tailor the site so it provides information that is specific to their needs and location. By entering their zip code, users will be able to connect with local SBA services and financing resources in their areas.  Users will also be able to enter information about the services they are looking for and the site will provide links to local resources that can support their needs.

• SBA community. In early 2011, the site will introduce the SBA community, which will create a platform where small business owners and other constituents can interact with agency officials, industry experts, and each other. The community will have new features that will help small businesses connect with lenders and apply for loans. And it will offer tools that help small business owners more efficiently navigate the federal government contracting process. Beyond early 2011, SBA is committed to continuing to build out new, useful tools to support users no matter what they are looking for on

The first phase of the new web site is scheduled to launch this fall. Additional tools and features will be introduced in early 2011. SBA intends to upgrade search capabilities on the existing site and introduce social media such as Facebook and Twitter to deliver information directly to SBA stakeholders wherever they are online.

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