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Florida Chamber Foundation releases scorecard

The Florida Chamber Foundation has unveiled a new and improved Florida Scorecard at the 2010 Future of Florida Forum being held Oct. 11 and 12 in Orlando. The Florida Scorecard provides Florida leaders the metrics they need to move Florida forward and now gives local stakeholders the power to measure progress within their own communities at

The Chamber Foundation’s objective to developing a state-wide strategic plan for the year 2030 requires a commitment to measuring our current status and progress toward the stated goals for 2030. To do this, last year the Foundation developed the Florida Scorecard, a dynamic online tool that seeks to identify and track those factors identified within each of the Six Pillars as indicative of our situation. The newest version takes that measurement power to the local level.

“The Florida Scorecard 2.0 offers communities in Florida the opportunity to track the progress and regress of state and local economies,” said Dale A. Brill, president of the Florida Chamber Foundation. “It provides regional views of performance indicators such as employment, per capita income, high school graduation rates and home foreclosures, just to name a few.”

The new version of the Florida Scorecard has three primary features that enhance the functionality of the information as well as the user experience: 1) addition of data for Florida’s sixty-seven counties and 20 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), 2) interactive graphs and maps to view multiple indicators and multiple geographic locations simultaneously, displayed on the same graph, and 3) customization that allows users to create their own account and save their favorite queries and graphs of interest. 

“As business people, we understand that we can’t manage what we can’t measure,” said Steve Halverson, president and CEO of The Haskell Company and Chair of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “The new Florida Scorecard provides regional views of measurement so that local stakeholders can measure and evaluate their position respective to each other, the state and communities across the globe.” 

The Chamber Foundation remains committed to improving the functionality of The Florida Scorecard to best serve the communities of Florida. The next scheduled release will be during the Florida Chamber Capital Days, February 7-9, 2011, at Hotel Duval, Tallahassee, Florida. The current version of the Scorecard can be viewed at

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