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New website connects contractors with construction job opportunities

A newly-launched website is providing Florida’s 331,900 unemployed construction professionals with jobreconstruct_mast.small opportunity information, and helping the struggling building industry in its attempt help jump-start the Florida economy. is a virtual one-stop shopping website that provides contractors with job information resulting from various federal, state, and local stimulus programs designed to reinvigorate the Florida construction industry.

The site offers essential information on navigating and tapping into a full range of employment and training opportunities, including those related to the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Weatherization Assistance Grants, and Energy Efficiency Grants.

Funded by a grant from Workforce Florida, Inc. to the Florida Home Builders Association and Florida State University, builders believe the website will be a potent tool to speed the state’s economic recovery.

“There is no such thing as a jobless recovery,” said FHBA President-elect Al Zichella, a Naples builder-developer. “We need to put the construction industry back to work to get our economy moving again. can play a major role in that effort.”

Zichella spoke at a press conference announcing the website along with Kristen Marsella of Marsella Homes in Port Charlotte, who has used federal programs to sustain her family-owned building business, and workforce training specialists Kurt Morauer of the Banner Center at the University of Florida and Cam Fentriss, director of Building a Safer Florida. Support from the Florida business community was also expressed by David Hart, vice president of Government Relations for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Additional program partners include the Building Officials of Florida, the Florida Department of Community Affairs, and the Center for Disaster Risk Policy at FSU.

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