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Biz e-mail alerts available from credit bureau

Experian, one of three credit bureaus, has launched a new e-mail alert system for its Business Credit Advantage monitoring plan. The alerts provide small-business owners with notification of changes to their business credit report. With the new alerts, business owners now are able to receive notification on business address changes, newly opened tradelines, and score changes. This helps business owners become aware of changes that could have a positive or a negative impact on business lending terms.

The Business Credit Advantage also  includes reported changes to a business’s address. This type of event is not directly related to a business’s credit standing, but it is a key indicator of potential fraudulent activity. With early notification of this change, business owners receive an additional layer of fraud protection while proactively monitoring the health of their business profile.

A subscription to Business Credit Advantage also provides business owners with unlimited access to their business credit report, score and score trends. It is available at

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