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Cornerstone supports biz growth at International Air Show

Jacksonville business leaders and the Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership sought job growth and business development for the Northeast Florida region by participating in the Farnborough International Air Show.  The semiannual air show, which takes place just outside of London, is one of the largest aviation and aerospace trade shows in the world and attracts thousands of companies in the aviation and aerospace industries as well as the industries that serve them, including manufacturing, financial services and clean energy industries.

 “The aviation industry is a major economic focus for Cornerstone, and our attendance at Farnborough is essential for developing relationships with key aviation industry leaders,” said John Haley, senior vice president of business development for the Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership.  “More than 10,000 people are currently employed in the aviation and aerospace industry sectors in our region, and we expect to see more expansions and relocations in this area.”

Cornerstone and local business leaders including the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, participate in events like Farnborough to build relationships with representatives in targeted industries, especially aviation and aerospace, considering relocating or expanding to the region.  For example, energy manufacturer SAFT selected Jacksonville and the Cecil Commerce Center as its sixth U.S. location after SAFT executives met with Mayor Peyton and other Cornerstone business leaders during the 2009 Paris Air Show. 

“We met with several leading aerospace companies and provided materials and information to dozens of others,” Haley said.  “Our meetings with current and prospective new companies went very well and opened discussions in several cases for growth opportunities in Northeast Florida.”

While Northeast Florida is highly regarded as a tourism and recreation destination, it is also a business region offering a solid workforce, Fortune 500 companies, and growing companies in aviation and aerospace, advanced manufacturing, financial and insurance services, IT, international business and life science.  Since 1991, Cornerstone and its partners have added more than 62,000 high-wage jobs and brought more than $5.3 billion in capital to Northeast Florida.

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