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AMO Experts opens one-stop shop for healthcare vendors

Healthcare and physician offices are able to access a one-stop shop of vendors, through the efforts of Associated medical Office Experts (AMO Experts,, a Jacksonville business founded in 2010 by Brad Hollett and Danny Stella.  

AMO offers access to vendor members, who are required to take background checks. “Much of my business depended on the healthcare community, so I began to interview practice managers and physicians to determine what they needed, and if I could design a better system to meet those needs,” said Hollett, of Accelerated Construction. His research confirmed it was beneficial to offer a single healthcare resource where a client could shop registered vendors that specialized in various aspects of the healthcare industry.  So, Hollett created a “co-op” networking group to focus advertising dollars collectively, and pass qualified referrals within the AMO Experts sphere. AMO Experts requires all members to be compliant in HIPAA and OSHA requirements, and the regulations of the Privacy Act of 1974. All applicants for certification are required to be recommended by at least three doctors.

Members include realtors specializing in medical real estate and new healthcare office requirements, including interior design; accounting/financial planning, medical billing/collection agencies; legal services; medical insurance specialists; SBA consultants; practice management consultants; business brokerages; landscaping/maintenance, janitorial and pest control businesses; computer and IT associates; copy system hardware; professional software and training specialists; office supplies; equipment repair; staffing, answering and medical transcription services, uniforms/scrubs resources; medical equipment and supplies; home healthcare providers; in-office pharmaceutical businesses; bankers; and marketing/web design/PR and media relations agencies; and many more.

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