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Local online retailer supports feline charities, a new local online-only retailer of supplies for cats and people who love cats has announced a Cat Charity of the Week program. Each week, a grassroots non-profit organization that provides support to cats will be featured on the Web site, with information about what it is doing to help cats.  Ten percent of that week’s profits on product sales through’s shopping cart will be donated to the featured organization.

“I’ve always loved cats. Although I’m just a small company, this is a way both to help cats and educate people about who’s helping them, through my business,” said’s founder, Lynn Maria Thompson of Neptune Beach, Fla.  Thompson has chosen the charities to be featured each week based on their Charity Navigator rankings for efficiency, good management, and the percentage of donations that actually go toward their work.

The first organization to be featured on the site will be the Lange Foundation of West Los Angeles, Calif. Founded in 1993 by Gillian Lange, the Lange Foundation saves impounded companion animals in its no-kill shelter and prepares them for adoption. The Lange Foundation is also a proponent of the TNR (trap-neuter-return) policy for feral cats. The week of May 31 through June 6 will be dedicated to this charity.

Thompson has tentatively scheduled a number of other charities throughout the remainder of 2010 and into 2011.

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