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TDN launches Web TV show—IRS Hitman

Tax Defense Network (, a firm that helps individuals and businessesirshitman.small resolve their IRS tax problems, is launching an online television series called IRS Hitman. The show is realty television depicting Richard Close, a TDN employee and former IRS agent, taking to the streets to search out and help people fight the IRS.

According to Don Campbell of TDN and producer of the show, the reality show takes viewers into the homes of individuals whose lives have been adversely changed by the IRS. Close—the IRS Hitman—uses his insider knowledge to fix the problems and get the lives of his clients back to normal.

Close followed in his father’s career’s footsteps and spent years working for an IRS agent. One day, Close and his fellow agents had to close down a construction company whose accountant had embezzled funds. The owner asked, “Why doesn’t the IRS care?” The question was the turning point in Close’s career. He abandoned his government job and decided to stand up for people whose lives had been turned upside down by the tax agency.

The Internet television program will air on The premier episode is scheduled for a June 6 launch, says Campbell. “There will be additional behind-the-scenes videos, updates, and news shows to follow twice a month.”  Trailers are now available for viewing.

Campbell, a former Hollywood filmmaker, says he is contacting colleagues in Los Angeles to help bring national network exposure to the show. “The show can easily hold its own alongside any other network reality show,” he says.

In true Hollywood style, the IRS Hitman will have a red-carpet premier on the big screen at the 5 Points Theater in early June.

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