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‘Bag Ladies’ collect 10,000 bottles after marathon

Advanced Disposal collected and recycled more than 10,000 plastic bottles during the 26.2 with Donna MarathonAD Bag Ladies at 26 2 with Donnasmall that took place Sunday in Jacksonville and area beaches.  For the second year, Advanced Disposal sponsored the marathon and half- marathon by providing the garbage collection and recycling services.

Advanced Disposal’s Beautiful Bag Ladies were at the post race celebration area to help runners and spectators do their part in “Going Green” by collecting their recyclables and teaching them about the importance of recycling to keep our community beautiful.

“As part of our on-going program of community involvement and commitment to the environment, Advanced Disposal promotes recycling through our Bag Ladies program,” said Mary O’Brien, chief marketing officer for Advanced Disposal.  “Thanks to our Bag Ladies and recycling containers throughout the race course, more than 10,000 plastic bottles and cans collected will now be diverted from landfills and recycled properly.”

The plastic bottles will be turned into products such as thousands of yards of carpet and fleece jackets.

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