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Senator visits Beaver Street Enterprise Center

Mortgage Broker Harry M. Myers is one of more than a dozen “Venture Out” tenants at Beaver Streetbeaverstreetlogo1 Enterprise Center, renting professional office space part-time.  Among the many amenities offered by the seven year old business incubator is the opportunity to mingle with some of Florida’s top business and government leaders when they visit the Center. 

“If I weren’t a Venture Out tenant at Beaver Street, I doubt I’d ever have the chance to meet a U.S. Senator,” said Myers, who was there January 29 when Senator George LeMieux (R-Fla) paid a visit.   

Senator LeMieux’ visit to Beaver Street Enterprise Center coincided with the monthly manager’s meeting, in which all small business owners and entrepreneurs headquartered at the business incubator gather to share progress reports. In a brief meet and greet session, Executive Director Jackie Perry introduced the Senator to attendees, who included FreshMinistries founder and CEO, the Rev. Doctor Robert V. Lee III, as well as board members, business partners and tenants. 

Perry’s progress report included the announcement that Beaver Street Enterprise Center is once again a finalist for National Incubator of the Year, with tenants having retained approximately 270 jobs, created 89 new jobs, and produced collective revenues of more than $9.3 Million in 2009.

Congratulating Beaver Street Enterprise Center for its phenomenal success in these challenging times, Senator LeMieux spoke about his goal to infuse the incubator’s brand of high energy into the creation of new jobs for people across the State “I’m here to learn from you,” he told the gathering as he spoke of his focus on jobs and his aims to provide job seeker assistance and help the State’s unemployed 12% pursue business opportunities through networking with existing programs like FreshMinistries, Beaver Street, and local chambers of commerce. 

LeMieux said he has designated his seven regional offices in Florida as resource centers for job seekers and potential employers.

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