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Pet rehab facility opens in Mandarin

The first pet rehabilitation facility has been opened in Mandarin. The facility is part of Mandarin LandingAnn Silverness.small Animal Hospital and is an expansion of the hospital’s pet resort, according to owner Ann Silverness, DVM.

“A canine rehab facility is the veterinary equivalent to a human physical therapy office,” she explained. “There is a certified canine rehab therapist on staff who does a full musculoskeletal and neurological exam.” Pet rehab has the same goals as physical therapy for humans: to improve outcomes, allow a faster and more complete recovery and debilitating conditions, and improve overall health.

Silverness says the facility houses the only underwater treadmill in Jacksonville, an indoor pool, and a large indoor play area that doubles for rehab therapy. Therapies include aqua, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, electrical nerve stimulation, therapeutic laser and ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic field, massage, stretching and more.

Mandarin Landing Animal Hospital and Pet Resort ( is located off the north San Jose exit from I295.

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