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National poll: 41% of small business will not add jobs soon

As small business decision-makers closed the books on 2009, 41% of polled small businesses say they won’t start hiring for 10 months, and nearly half (46%) said it would require more than 12 months for their businesses to return to pre-recession levels in terms of annual sales. The Small Business Opinion Poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for EMPLOYERS (, a small business insurance specialist, surveyed 500 small business decision-makers across the country.

Even as key economic indicators such as consumer spending and new home sales are beginning to show signs of recovery, EMPLOYERS’ latest Small Business Opinion Poll reveals small business decision-makers are still apprehensive about 2010. And as credit markets remain tight, 40% of small business decision-makers reported the recession negatively impacted their access to credit.

The poll indicates small business decision-makers will remain cautious as they try to find ways to grow this year. Small Business Opinion Poll Snapshot:

• 41% say it will be more than 10 months before they start hiring again;

• 55% are very confident their business will survive through the end of the recession;

• 40% say the recession has negatively impacted their business’access to credit;

• 58% of small business decision makers do not believe the Obama Administration recognizes small businesses as a driving force in today’s economy;

• 60% do not favor a public healthcare option;

• 42% believe the government’s healthcare plan would have a negative impact on their business.

EMPLOYERS recognizes the challenges small businesses face as they focus on doing what is necessary to contain costs and grow responsibly for the future. No matter what the economic climate, small business decision-makers must continuously evaluate cost structures and work to enhance operational efficiencies. And because most businesses are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance, EMPLOYERS is committed to providing them with helpful information and insights into how they can ensure their businesses are protected while simultaneously maximizing operational performance and minimizing costs.

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