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Advanced Disposal purchases Sumrall Recycling

charles Appleby

Charles Appleby

Advanced Disposal Services, Inc. ( has acquired Sumrall Recycling Services, Inc. (Sumrall Recycling), Mississippi’s largest multi-material recycler.

The asset purchase includes company-owned materials recovery facilities (MRFs) in Sumrall and Flowood, Miss., Summerdale, Ala., as well as an MRF operating contract in Franklin, Tenn.

“Advanced Disposal has always had a strong commitment to recycling through our extensive residential and commercial collection operations; however, the global climate is changing in many ways, and we see a more stable growth market emerging from the processing and marketing of recyclables,” stated Charles Appleby, Advanced Disposal’s CEO. He added, “The acquisition and integration of Sumrall Recycling … provides Advanced Disposal an effective platform in this critical market area.” 

Materials recycled by Sumrall include traditional fiber items such as cardboard, newsprint, and all high grades of paper. Metals recycled include aluminum, brass, copper, and other grades of metal and bi-metal. More unique items that are recycled include the destruction and materials recycling of DVDs, CDs and other sensitive materials in addition to the destruction and recycling of outdated merchandise such as bottled and canned beverages. 

Fifty employees transitioned with the sale of the company as well as multiple trucks, containers, balers, conveyors, grinders, and other processing equipment. Sumrall Recycling has customers and operations across Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri. Customers include Fortune 500 industrial and commercial companies, military bases, and cities and counties throughout the service area.

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