On the Street: What’s the biggest issue you face in the new year?

Jacksonville Small Business Advantage asked a number of small business executivesChallenges Ahead about the top challenges they will face and deal with in their businesses in 2010. Here is what they told us.

Filling available capacity

Joe Lemire

We have been lucky. Our business—Internet strategy—remained steady throughout 2009. The main difference, however, is that normally we have a backlog of work extending two or three months. That was not the case in 2009. We have available capacity we would like to fill. We do expect, however, that business will loosen up in the first quarter of 2010.

—Joe Lemire, ELYK Innovation Inc.,


Reducing costs

Greg Clary

The biggest issue facing my business is reducing costs without impacting the ability to attract and retain a quality workforce. Keeping a team comprised of highly skilled professionals who approach their careers with integrity, a strong work ethic, and a desire to grow with the firm is critical to our success. Our survival is a testament to their unwavering dedication to our valued clients, to this firm and to each other. 

— Greg Clary, Clary & Associates, Inc. Professional Surveyors & Mappers,



Joani Maskell

I have issues with scheduling, weather, and getting my phones answered. But my biggest challenge is to find a place where we can provide swimming lessons throughout the year. My goal is to make to help more people learn to swim so that senseless drownings do not occur. Drowning deaths in Florida of children less than five years old are more than double the national average. We need to change this!

—Joani Maskell, Swimming Safari Swim School,


Keeping positive


Keeping a positive attitude in the wake of recent and significant downturns in revenue is challenging. I do not accept the “new normal.” The right prescription is getting back to work—working on those fundamentals that made us successful.

—Ron Autrey, Miller Electric Company



Surviving the housing slump

Craig Page

In our business, the biggest challenge is the housing slump. When the new home buyers’ tax credit runs out a low point will follow, just as it was in the cash for clunkers program for auto sales.

—Craig Page, Magnolia Blind and Shutter,


Positive thinking

Lynn Lamoureux

I believe we attract what we focus on and think about all the time.  We can spend time evaluating the loss of revenue and all the things we don’t have now, or we can wake up in the morning and decide to make the most out of our current situation.  My challenge is to spread my enthusiasm for life to my entire team and keep them motivated and positive.

Lynn Lamoureux, owner Pet World,


Creative business building

Camille Gregg

To assist in continually building my clients’ overall revenue in a recession is a real challenge. Keeping positive and always working a whole lot harder than the average, which used to be able to cut it. It takes partnering and reaching out for help if you need it nowadays!

—Camille Clement Gregg, Outside the Box Consulting LLC

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