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NFIB alerts small biz about Florida UC tax hike

Unemployment compensation taxes are due to increase for all Florida employers, according to a memo from the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB, According to the memo, although the tax will increase for all employers, those currently paying the minimum rate will bear the greatest burden—currently scheduled to be a twelve-fold increase over last year.

The cause of the hike is because of high unemployment and insolvent unemployment compensation trust fund, says NFIB.

NFIB is asking the Florida legislature to hold a special session at the beginning of the year to suspend the tax hike. Tax forms are scheduled to be mailed in March, and payment is due by the end of April, so NBIB says the issue cannot wait until the regular session in March. 

This week, notices from the Florida Department of Revenue are being mailed to all Florida employers regarding the increased tax rate.

NFIB asks businesses to compare the 2010 rate against the rate that paid in 2009 and let the organization know how much the rate has gone up by contacting NFIB’s Legislative Affairs Director Allen Douglas at

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