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Two small biz organizations oppose H.R. 3962

Two organizations that support small businesses have come out against the current House healthcare bill (H.R. 3962) sent to the Senate. Both the National Association of Small Businesses (NSBA, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB, support healthcare reform but are opposed to the current bill presented to the U.S. Senate.

NSBA President Todd McCracken said in a press release, “There are some serious problems with the bill, including too little cost-containment and the long-term implications of the employer mandate and the surcharge tax—neither of which were indexed for inflation and will increasingly burden small businesses.”

“NSBA’s primary concerns with H.R. 3962 include: the combination of using employer mandates and surcharge taxes on high-end incomes as a new revenue stream to finance reform; creating a public health insurance option without full knowledge of its impact on the private insurance market; instituting oppressive new corporate information reporting requirements; failing to include the Equity for our Nation’s Self-Employed Act; and implementing insufficient health care cost-reduction and containment provisions. These key problems have led us to conclude that H.R. 3962 is not the right answer for small business.”

NFIB said in a letter directed to Congress that the bill does not reflect the access or affordability needs of small business. In particular, NFIB is opposed because of employer mandates, payroll tax penalty for failure to provide health insurance, and reporting requirements.

The organization’s letter said, “NFIB will continue to advocate for reform because…the status quo is not acceptable. Our small business owners agree, but reform must make the problem better, not worse…”

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