On the Street: What’s your favorite cell-phone app?

Take a look around the table when you go to your next business luncheon. You’ll catch people sneaking a peak atUsing cell phone their smart phones to text, twitter, check e-mail, or catch up on news. Cell phones are becoming as indispensable to business people today as the PDA was just a few years ago. But, what kinds of applications turn cell phones into micro-computers? Jacksonville Advantage asked readers to tell us about their favorite “apps” that make their lives easier.

Easy listening

terrell holman.smallI have an iPhone, and my favorite is Pandora Radio, a free personalized radio ( It is nice to have the radio and the variety when I’m at the gym without having to carry a separate radio with me.

Terrell Holman
Executive Director and Co-founder at NetWorth

Real GPS

I have the Samsung Instinct cell phone, and I love its GPS feature. It’s a real GPS, not just an online map. I used it when I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The GPS search feature helped me find coffee (Starbucks and others), breakfast cafes, and restaurants around the city. Since we decided to walk everywhere and it was cold, it was nice to be able to choose from a search list and get specific directions.

David Sturgis
Bank of America

Keeping up-to-date

paulgirouxsmallThere are a lot of iPhone apps, but I like two especially: I’m addicted to news apps for the iPhone and the maps app when I travel, of course.

Paul Giroux
Owner at Snob Hollow Designs


BlackBerry business apps

Brian BaggsmallSome of my favorite apps include Pandora Radio, ScoreMobile (everything sports-related), and Facebook. I’m a bit biased since I work for a BlackBerry app development company, but I love the following four BlackBerry (BB) apps:

• IntelliLaunch. This app quickly allows you to launch any file, contact, or app on your BB. The smart technology remembers what you use most often, which helps you sort through all of your contacts and other apps with incredible efficiency. I couldn’t live without it; it is a major time-saver.

• Google Maps. It helps me find my way easily.

• QuickPull. Have you ever rebooted your phone by actually pulling the battery out? This is really good for your phone to help it run optimally, but it’s a pain to do. QuickPull simulates a battery pull for you and allows you to schedule reboots each night of the week when you aren’t using it.

• Edocrab. Edocrab is “barcode” spelled backwards. This app can scan a product UPC barcode for the purpose of finding competitive prices at hundreds of stores online. It also gives you product reviews and other pertinent product information such as images, videos, and music, etc. Edocrab helps you to avoid buying overpriced products as well as others that have not received good reviews.

Brian Baggs
Steelthorn Software

 Easy e-mail

roldan.smallMy favorite application is checking and responding to my e-mail. I’m looking forward to the day I can check my client files too.

Robert Roldan
The Holmes Org. of Florida, Inc.

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