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Fanny Landwirth Foundation donates $25K for child-abuse programs

The Monique Burr Foundation for Children ( has received a charitable $25,000Fanny Landwirth Check Presentation.small grant from the Fanny Landwirth Foundation that will be used to fund its Child Abuse Prevention Education programs for children throughout the state of Florida.

“We have long been supporters of the Monique Burr Foundation for Children and believe we can help even more children by providing the organization with this grant,” said Lisa Ussery, president of the Fanny Landwirth Foundation, which is based in Ponte Vedra Beach.

The $25,000 grant will be used to fund the foundation’s child abuse prevention programs to talk about and hopefully avoid abuse of all kinds. The programs are approved by the Duval County School system and are taught in many Duval County public elementary schools. The foundation is currently working to expand the programs to reach Baker, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns counties. Prevention education also is successfully taught and implemented in the Tampa Bay area.

“Our programs will be greatly enriched and expanded by this grant and we cannot express enough gratitude to the Fanny Landwirth Foundation,” said Lynn Layton, executive director for the Monique Burr Foundation for Children.

Pictured with the check are (from left) Ed Burr (president of the Monique Burr Foundation for Children), Dennis Rosa (vice president of the foundation), and Linda Landwirth (member for the Fanny Landwirth Foundation).

The Monique Burr Foundation for Children was created as a nonprofit organization in 1997 to honor the late Monique Burr, a tireless advocate for children and their needs. The foundation’s mission is to provide hope in the lives of children by providing training and education to prevent and reduce the rate of abuse among children throughout Florida.

 In 2008, the foundation reached more than 20,000 children with its advocacy programs, including the Good Touch Bad Touch® program, and since its inception has donated more than $2 million to child-serving agencies in the region. Currently, the foundation reaches children in 94 of the 107 public elementary schools in Duval County in addition to several private and Catholic schools in the area.

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