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Harris Lighting contracts with NAS JAX for new lighting system

harrislighting.smallHarris Lighting, Inc., a national designer and manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems headquartered in Green Cove Springs, has rolled out a new energy efficient lighting system combining traditional interior lighting and skylights, designed for large area warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The first contract for the daylighting system is in an NAS JAX facility. The installation of the new system will start around the first of November and be completed around the first of January.

Harris Lighting has teamed up with SunOptics, a California skylight company, to offer a lighting system that provides daylighting through skylights with dimming lights attached under the skylight to kick in when sunlight is not adequate. 

“This is a complete system that takes advantage of natural, free light, the sun, but automatically adjusts for low light or night time,” explained E.W. Dovel, Vice President for Public Sector for Harris Lighting.

Harris Lighting has been focusing on energy efficiency and the green movement. “We were able to overcome energy concerns and heat issues associated with the skylight strategy,” Dover said. “We began by using a skylight that diffuses the light and also uses a technically advanced insulating system to reduce the heat. We also replaced the 400-watt halide fixtures with fluorescent fixtures, which saves 50% of energy use.

“So if a manufacturer or warehouser were a 24/7 operation, we would save them 50% on the fixtures and then about another 25% using sunlight in place of electricity. For a facility that is a 12 hour operation, the savings percentage would be even more during daytime operations.”

Harris Lighting is a member of the First Coast Manufacturers Association and more information about the company is available at

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