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City seeks input on uses for energy grant

The City of Jacksonville will receive approximately $7.8 million from the Department of Energy under an Energyjacksonville Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG). The grant is being made available through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.  The grant application was approved July 27, 2009, and includes opportunities for the city to gather ideas and input from the Jacksonville community.

The grant funds can be utilized for government or private programs and/or projects that must provide substantial, sustainable, and measurable energy savings, job creation, and economic stimulus effects on the First Coast.  

Eligible activities include:

  • Residential and commercial building energy audits
  • Financial incentive programs for energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency retrofits for existing facilities
  • Energy efficiency and conservation programs for buildings and facilities
  • Development and implementation of transportation programs
  • Development and implementation of energy efficient building codes and inspections
  • Energy distribution through energy resource technologies
  • Material conservation programs
  • Reduction and capture of methane and greenhouse gases
  • Traffic signals and street lighting
  • Renewable energy technologies on government buildings

Decisions for use of the block grant funds will be based on the following criteria:  relationship of the project to the city’s goals, proposed number of jobs created or retained, proposed energy savings or renewable energy generated, amount of GHG and CO2 equivalent emissions reduced and the amount of funds that will be leveraged in conjunction with the grant. 

The city has entered into a contract with Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. (RS&H) to be the program manager.  To submit suggestions or ideas, contact RS&H by Oct. 15 at or ideas, contact RS&H by October 15 at either or 90-256-2239.

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