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Survey: Leaders need to rethink their job description

A new survey suggests that leaders do not have a good grip on their role in the organization. One of the key findings of the survey shows that leaders understand that good relationships are needed for positive business results, but those same leaders would toss away a relationship to get something done.

The survey was published by Leadership Unleashed,, a Southern California-based firm that provides individually tailored coaching services to executives and leadership teams worldwide. The company’s president, David Peck, was surprised by the results. “Our work with executives shows that is not the best approach—putting tasks ahead of relationships is counterproductive over time.”

The survey also found that 82% of leaders think a key part of their job is to motivate their people. But according to Peck, “Being a cheerleader/ employee motivator is not the leader’s job. They are better off hiring or retaining only self-motivated people, and trying not to de-motivate them.”

Other key findings include:

• 35% of leaders surveyed said they spend the majority of their time on day to day tasks, versus on developing the road ahead, suggesting they are acting as supervisors / managers, versus leaders, according to Peck.

• 22% said they are unable to keep a healthy balance between working, resting, and my life outside of work.

• 67% said they stay true to their values even when it means sacrificing results.

• 20% said they lose their composure more often than they would like.

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