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Florida employee confidence up in July

The Florida Employee Confidence Index inched up 4.9 points to 42.7 in July, according to the latest Spherion Employment Report. The monthly survey of Florida workers, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Spherion Corporation, indicates an increase in workers’ overall confidence levels.

Specifically, Florida workers reported higher levels of confidence in the macroeconomic situation and in the future of their current employers. Florida workers also reported that they are less likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months compared to June.

Results from the Florida Employment Report:

• In July, more workers report the economy is staying the same, while fewer workers report that the economy is getting weaker. Specifically, 40% of workers believe the economy is getting weaker (compared to 61% in June) and 49% believe it is staying the same (compared to 26% in June’s report).

• 74% of Florida workers believe there are fewer jobs available, decreasing 10 percentage points from June.

• More workers are confident in the future of their current employer. Specifically, 56% versus 48% in the previous month.

• Fewer workers are likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months, with 30% reporting a likelihood of doing so. This represents a decrease of 12% percentage points from June.

 “After declining in June, our Florida Employee Confidence Index edged up in July as workers showed signs of increased optimism about the economy and job availability, and greater confidence in the future of their current employers,” said Paula Franco, branch manager for Spherion Staffing Services in Florida. “While this is certainly one of many signs that suggest the economy may be closer to stabilization, we are still a long way from a full recovery. However, it does appear that the pace of U.S. job loss is slowing. In fact, we are seeing more clients engage in hiring discussions, as many have come to realize that their initial cost-savings measures may have been too deep.”

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